Around the piano

A chamber music series in Athens since 2005, devised and presented by Specs ‘n’ Arts under the artistic direction of Greek pianist Alexandra Nomidou.

Originally a three-day event with two concerts per day that takes place every November. The festival has been selected to receive the EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, Label for 2015-2016.

Initially organised at St Paul’s Anglican Church it has been established since 2010 at Athens’ Parnassos Hall. During the years more than 60 concerts have been held presenting to the audience both young and renowned artists and ensembles. Pianists such as Spencer Myer, Joanna Maria Lawrynowicz, Helena Suchárová, Nikolaus Resa, Chiara Opalio, Muriel Chemin, Janis Vakarelis, Natalia Michailides, Daniel Rivera, Pablo Zinger, Gabrielle Baldocci, Alessandro Stella, Ai Motohashi, Ching-Yun Hu, Thodoris Iossifidis, Stefanos Thomopoulos, Christos Papageorgiou, Alexandra Nomidou, Apostolos Palios, Lorenda Ramou, Yaron Herman, Philippe Alegre, Titos Gouvelis, Charalampos Angelopoulos, Dimitris Yakas, Manfred Schiebel, Isabel Ettenauer, violinists such as Eric Lacrouts, Sara Nemtanu, Candida Thompson and Yannos Margaziotis, the renowned clarinetists Michel Portal, Michel Lethiec and Jose Franch-Ballester, ensembles such as the acclaimed Dutch AMSTERDAM SINFONIETTA, the French CALLIOPEE ENSEMBLE, string quartets such as the French PSOPHOS, the Polish PRIMA VISTA, the Greek ATHENS QUARTET, the Czech AD LIBITUM piano quartet, the SOME HANDSOME HANDS piano trio from Germany, the TRIO HELLENIQUE and the TRIO LIGETI from France, the TRIO VanBEETHOVEN Vienna, The ELEGIAC TRIO from Estonia, the DUO BALDOCCI-RIVERA, the Jazz quintet of the City of Athens, the Greek TANGart-O quintet, the Athens Kodaly children choir among many others, have collaborated with the series.

The Festival organisation owes a lot to Foreign Embassies and cultural Institutions, media and individual sponsors.